Casinos in Estonia

Casinos in Estonia are spread through 12 cities and represent the only legal gambling option in the country.

Estonia is found in northeastern Europe, with the Gulf of Finland to the north, Latvia to the south and Russia to the east.

There is a total of 75 casinos in Estonia, mostly situated in the capital of Tallinn, including all-inclusive hotel and casino resorts. This makes Estonia one of the leading gambling holiday destinations in Europe in terms of quantity. The quality certainly isn’t lacking either and the casinos in Estonia are always bustling.

Tallinn boasts 40 casinos, mostly dealing in various table games, although there are also a number of slot machines available.

The largest casino in Estonia is Tallinn’s Reval Casino – Park Hotel, which houses 4 game tables and 75 slots and video gaming machines.

Estonia’s casino and gaming industry is very well regulated and continues to enjoy good growth and revenues, although table games do not enjoy the same level of popularity as slot and video machines.

Online casinos enjoy as much popularity in Estonia as they do in most parts of the world these days. In Estonia, these online casinos are linked to actual casino facilities. Online players can experience all the games available in the casinos, while some of the online casinos also offer sports betting, which is very popular in Estonia.

Unlike many international regions – where the legal gambling age is 18 – you must be 21 years or older to gamble in the casinos in Estonia.