Casino Cruises

Casino cruises are just one of the ways in which gambling has expanded over the years, offering an idyllic holiday combined with the thrill of high-stakes play.

The cruise ship industry continues to go from strength to strength in recent years and is now monstrously profitable, with the worldwide industry valued at somewhere around $15 billion per year.

Holidaymakers often opt for cruises because of the all-inclusive nature of the holiday and the stellar service provided on these luxury liners. Casino cruises are no different, allowing serious gamers the chance to kick back and enjoy their play without a care in the world.

Types of Casino Cruises

There are a number of options available to anyone looking to book a casino cruise. These range from luxury to budget cruises, day and night cruises to lounging on an ocean liner for a fortnight, or merely taking a barge downriver.

Your intended stay aboard a casino cruise is just as flexible, ranging from an hour or two to an entire holiday…

Gamblers are even able to pick cruises that are suited to their specific gaming interests, while many packages include a certain number of coins in the booking costs, to ensure that customers play their money out.

Casino cruises almost always mirror the extravagant opulence of their land-based counterparts, but offer reasonably priced refreshments to attract players onto the ship in the first place.

The ability of casino cruises to incorporate gambling into your overall holiday is similar to the way in which modern hotel and casino resorts combine various attractions to enhance the appeal of both the resort as a whole and the casino itself.

Casino Cruises Across the World

Casino cruises enjoy great popularity throughout the world, but the cream of the crop is mostly found in the United States and the United Kingdom. This said, some of the more popular casino cruises to be found across the world include the Caribbean, the Norwegian fjords and Hawaii, as well as cruises on the Panama Canal and river cruises in Alaska or on the legendary Mississippi River.

In recent years, Asia has also emerged as a popular destination for casino cruises.

Caribbean Poker Classic

This year’s exotic poker tournament will be played on the world’s largest cruise ship – The Royal Caribbean International Freedom of the Seas.

The Poker Festival casts off in Miami, Florida for a week long Caribbean cruise that offers exciting poker action and weighs anchor at some of the Caribbean’s most striking ports. For a detailed Caribbean Poker Classic schedule and itinerary, click here.