Gala Casino Piccadilly

Casino Magic zone

Gala Casino Piccadilly’s Casino Magic zone is aimed at introducing casino games to the public in a fun, interactive way.

The Casino Magic zone offers a much more relaxed and amusing atmosphere: dealers celebrate with you when you win and even teach you chip tricks to impress your friends with!

Gala Casino Piccadilly’s Poker Magic zone – part of the Casino Magic drive – invites people to experience the thrill of playing poker live.

The Poker Magic zone allows guests to play in poker tournaments at levels ranging from beginner to professional. Players are even able to take part in sessions were they can learn to play with no cash at stake.

Club Lounge

The Club Lounge is a place where patrons are able to kick back and take a break from the hectic casino floor. Here guests can watch live sport and even play electronic games of roulette on personal screens and, in the near future, place sports bets.

Salon Privé

Salon Priv é, raises the stakes by offering exclusive high-roller tables. Here, the more serious gamblers can play for hefty cash prizes in a luxurious, intimate setting.


The 18° Below Ice Bar provides a glittering array ot ice to keep drinks chilled, offering a variety of vodkas to keep you warm, as well as beers, spirits and cocktails.

The Epernay Champagne Bar boasts an incredible range of Möet and Chandon champagnes, while the massive Jeroboam holds 24 glasses.

The bartenders at Gala Casino Piccadilly are well-versed in the art of mixing the perfect drink, with most cocktails reasonably priced at under £4.

Did You Know?

  • Gala Casinos currently boasts over 1.3 million members.
  • Roulette is the most popular game at Gala Casinos, accounting for 63% of gaming income.
  • Gala Casinos across Britain have been introducing new smoking facilities. The Air Lounge allows smokers to watch live sport on plasma screens while they indulge.