Travel to Central America

Travel to Central America to experience the magic of lost civilizations, lush rainforests, dazzling beaches and easy-going hospitality.

The subcontinent of Central America is officially made up of seven countries, although if you travel to Central America remember that the exotic islands of the Caribbean – including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and the Bahamas – are just a short trip away.

Mexico to the north and South America below also offer many fantastic holiday experiences.

This tropical region boasts spectacular waterfalls and forested mountains were the Mayan civilization flourished for thousands of years and the ruins still abound in many Central American countries.

The countries that comprise Central America are:

  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama

Belize offers glorious diving and snorkeling opportunities along the second largest barrier reef on the planet. Belize is also home to an underground network of caves where tourists can move amongst the remains of Mayan religious ceremonies dating back over a millennium.

Guatemala and Honduras offer some of Central America’s top Mayan attractions, while Costa Rica is world-famous for is eco-tourism initiatives and the rich biodiversity of its plant and wildlife.

The top gambling holiday destination if you decide to travel to Central America has to be Panama, where the capital, Panama City, is home to a number of classy hotel and casino resorts as well as a leisurely casino cruise on the Panama Canal.

Nicaragua is well placed to access the islands of the Caribbean, but if you only intend to travel to Central America you will find that there is plenty to keep you busy and amazed!