Commerce Casino

Commerce Casino is joined to the award-winning Crowne Plaza Hotel in the City of Commerce, Los Angeles County.

Like the hotel and casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, Commerce Casino and Crowne Plaza Hotel are part of an all-inclusive casino resort that includes a spa, pool, shopping area and live entertainment.

This said, however, in the strictest sense of the word Commerce Casino is not really a casino at all, as it has no slot machines.

“California Games” like No-Bust Blackjack, Chinese Poker and Pai Gow Poker have changed the rules of normal casino games slightly to conform to Californian gaming laws.

In California, rather than playing against the house, players have to compete against each other, with the players at the table taking turns to represent the dealer.

So, essentially, Commerce Casino is actually a card room… but what a card room!

Commerce Casino is home to the largest Poker Room in the world, with a staggering 243 gaming tables. Commerce Casino also offers a wide range of game variants and limit levels to cater to every type of player.

So if you have grown tired of your local poker room, a gambling holiday that includes Commerce Casino is sure to reawaken your passion for the game!

Commerce Casino hosts daily poker tournaments, as well as the California State Poker Championship and the LA Poker Classic on the World Poker Tour.

Even if you are nervous about playing in a poker tournament, book a table in the Commerce Casino Poker Room and bring your home game to Commerce Casino to experience the atmosphere.

By playing at Commerce Casino you also stand the chance of winning a $100 000 table jackpot!

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel has 200 luxury rooms and suites on 9 floors.

There are four restaurants on the Commerce Casino and Crowne Plaza Hotel property:

  • The Eden – the hotel’s signature restaurant
  • The Arena Sports Bar and Grill
  • Las Vegas Buffet Restaurant
  • New York Deli

There is also a Sushi Bar, while you can also order snacks and hamburgers without leaving your gaming table.


The Arena Bar hosts the Joker’s Comedy Night every Thursday, while Commerce Casino also has live jazz and blues performances every Wednesday.

Did You Know?

  • Commerce Casino is the largest employer in the City of Commerce, providing work for 3 000 people
  • The casino contributes over $15 million in tax every year and runs a number of community outreach programs.