Metelitsa Casino

Metelitsa Casino is part of the Metelitsa Entertainment Complex, Moscow’s premier hotspot for entertainment and nightlife.

As well as the casino, Metelitsa includes a Nightclub, Slot Club, Sports and Entertainment Club and three restaurants and bars. This means that it is a major draw card for visitors to Russia’s capital city.

Metelitsa Casino

Metelitsa Casino is made up of three gaming areas, all located on the ground floor of the complex.

The main gaming area includes the Slot Club, featuring 157 slot machines, and 38 gaming tables (including 15 poker tables) offering a host of games including American Roulette, Blackjack, Oasis Stud Poker, Craps and Punto Banco.

In the Salon Privé, players can enjoy the more intimate gambling experience provided by a private gaming room.

The Sportland Casino, meanwhile, broadcasts sporting events form around the world on 66 screens. These broadcasts are real-time, thanks to Sportland’s state-of-the-art satellite TV systems. Sportland’s Sports and Entertainment Club also houses a sports betting desk, where racing bets and other sports wagers can be placed.

The three casino areas are all open 24 hours a day, all week long.

Metelitsa Poker Club is also a popular section of the casino, offering players daily Poker Club ring games and daily tournaments, as well as Metelitsa’s regular open tournament, the Metelitsa Open.

Metelitsa Nightclub

The nightclub at Metelitsa is famous for its live entertainment, including the top Russian artists as well as international acts. The nightclub easily accommodates 400 people and Metelitsa is also renowned for its superb banquet services.