Fifty Casino

Fifty Casino is one of the most extravagant and well-known casinos in the UK, and is perfectly positioned at 50 St. James’ Street in London’s exclusive area of Mayfair.

To illustrate just how exclusive this area is, during its heyday Fifty Casino was known as: "The most talked about gambling hall in the most talked about street in the most talked about city in the world."


Fifty Casino boasts a rich heritage, and has enjoyed a colourful history since it was opened in 1827 by an extroverted 19th Century London entrepreneur.

Designed by famous architect Benjamin Wyatt, Fifty Casino quickly forged a reputation as "the Ascot of gambling’.

Fifty Casino, along with other exclusive Mayfair establishments such as Crockfords Private Club, took gambling out of private houses and dingy backwaters, transforming it into a luxury leisure activity and offering a hassle-free environment within which gentlemen could eat, drink, socialise… and, if the urge took them, gamble.

Regular patrons of Fifty Casino have included the Duke of Wellington, as well as the infamous French dandy, the Count D’Orsay, and high rollers in years past were even treated to food from the kitchens of a chef who once cooked for King Louis XVI of France.

Fifty Casino

The historic casino has been carefully restored over the years and the decor combines awe-inspiring period pieces with contemporary styling, such as the magnificent new chandelier.

Custom-built mahogany tables and chairs are just part of the luxurious experience of Fifty Casino. Dazzling chandeliers and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows bedeck the grand interior, while renowned interior design firm Jeffrey Beers has revived this beautiful old building in keeping with the ideas of the original architects.

Elegant private gambling rooms complement Fifty Casino’s spectacular gaming room, while the magnificent, landmark building houses four floors of trendy bars and restaurants, not to mention Fifty Below – the club lounge, which offers a soothing ambience.

    Fifty Club currently boasts the services of internationally celebrated chef, Jan-Georges Vongerichten, as well as the man many believe to be London’s best barman, Salvatore Calabrese.