Casinos in South America

Casinos in South America are enjoying increasing popularity and can now be found spread throughout the continent.

Many countries on the continent have seen just how much world-class hotel and casino resort complexes can do to aid the tourism industry, by creating an all-inclusive hotel and casino resort experience, blended with the many unique surroundings in which they are built.

These resort complexes can help to increase economic prosperity through foreign income, job creation and greater international exposure.

Argentina alone now boasts 79 casinos, placing it 6th in the world for the number casinos in any one country.

Peru has the next most casinos of any country in South America, with 48, and is ranked 9th on the international list.

There are a number of other countries that are also extremely popular for their hotel and casino resorts, including Chile, Brazil and Venezuela, while San Luis in Argentina is famous for is slot machines.

Poker in South America

Poker has become an integral part of hotel and casino resorts throughout the world. The worldwide poker phenomenon means that casinos can use the game to entice guests. With the increasing coverage of – and audience figures for – major poker tournaments, these events can act as a major drawcard for the host casino.

Poker is also taking hold in South America, although it is still illegal in parts of the continent. Various national organisations work towards promoting spread of the game in its various forms, and the spread of casinos is aiding this.

Major Operators

One of the largest gaming operators in South America is the San Diego-based International Thunderbird Corporation, which operates 4 casinos in Panama and a recently announced joint venture in Chile, as well as operations in Chile and the Guatemalan lottery.

Worest Entertainment and Casinos is another major South American player, operating the Casino de Bariloche, at the Cerro Catedral ski resort, and the Casino de Asuncion in Paraguay.

Top Casinos

For further information on some of South America’s top hotel and casino resort complexes, follow the individual links below: