Travel to South America

Travel to South America to experience one of the world’s most beautiful continents, for a fraction of the price of a holiday in Europe or North America. Any number of friendly countries are waiting to welcome you and you will soon find yourself wishing you didn’t have to leave.

Natural wonders abound, from the Amazon River in the east to the majestic Andes Mountains in the west, while the Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay are the largest group of falls in the world and boast the world-class Casino Iguazu hotel and casino resort.

Wildlife enthusiasts who travel to South America will not be disappointed – from the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador, to the Amazon rainforest, to the Forest Reserves in Guyana and Suriname in the north of the continent.

Most northern hemisphere visitors travel to South America during the southern hemisphere’s winter months, when the heat is not as stifling, although for the winter months there are also a number of top-notch ski resorts in South America, such as Valle de Las Leñas in Argentina and a number of resorts in the Chilean Andes.

The Andes

Mountain resort lovers who travel to South America should also look at the three countries along the main crest of the Andes Mountains – Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

The Andes range is home to one of South America’s prime tourist attractions – the site of the ancient Inca Empire. Destinations like Machu Picchu and Cuzco draw millions of visitors every year to travel along the ever-popular Inca Trails.

The Andes also stretch into the northern regions of Chile in the southwest of the continent, boasting ski resorts and Chile’s famous wine growing region, while the country’s Lake District is one of the most beautiful areas in South America.

Summer Months

Anyone looking to travel to South America in summer should consider visiting the Patagonian glaciers, in the southern regions of Chile and Argentina.

Venezuela and Uruguay both boast magnificent stretches of beach, notably the resorts along the Uruguayan Riviera, but Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the holiday and beach resort capital of South America.

Indeed, many visitors travel to South America for the sole purpose of experiencing the Rio Carnival, but return home having experienced so much more!

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