Travel to Australia

Travel to Australia to enjoy a fabulous holiday and uncover the wonders of the world’s largest island.

A country and continent rolled into one, Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife, from the bizarre duckbilled platypus to larger marsupials like the kangaroo.

The barren Australian Outback is famous across the world, as is the giant red rock outcrop in its centre known as Ayers Rock.

Off Australia’s northwest coast lies one of the world’s natural wonders. Millions of tourists travel to Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef, which is bigger than the UK, while the area is dotted by hundreds and hundreds of variously sized islands.

Further down the east coast, just north of Brisbane, is Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, while the capital Canberra nestles in the heart of Australia’s wine country.

If you travel to Australia, Sydney is a prominent holiday destination. Sydney Harbour is world-famous, boasting the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, the city’s sensational aquarium and the Star City Sydney Casino.


The island of Tasmania off Australia’s south coast is well-known for its fresh seafood and its wine. The town of St Helens on Tasmania’s northeast coast hosts the St Helens Game Fishing Classic, drawing holiday crowds from across Australia.

New Zealand

Australia’s neighbour New Zealand has everything holidaymakers could wish for. Because of its small size, it is possible to travel between New Zealand’s verdant evergreen forests, glaciers, ski resorts and tropical beaches in virtually no time at all.

Made up of North and South Island, New Zealand has a rich local heritage – from the 1 000-year-old culture of the indigenous Maori people to the island’s colonial years.

Must-see sights in New Zealand include the Rotorua sulphur springs in Waikato (North Island) and the South Island’s rugged and beautiful western coastline.

Travel to Australia and New Zealand to experience a healthy outdoor holiday experience: swim in the lakes of Fraser Island or take a balloon ride over the Yarra Valley near Melbourne – when you travel to Australia the choices are endless!