Grand Casino Baden

Grand Casino Baden is one of the largest luxury hotel and casino resorts in Europe. It can be found just outside the Austrian capital, Vienna, on the banks of the Schwechat River as it flows out of the Helenental valley.

The History of Grand Casino Baden

The Grand Casino Baden hotel and casino resort, which is owned and run by Casinos Austria, first opened in 1934 and was moved to its present location in 1977 following closure during the Second World War.

The hotel and casino resort has been rennovated several times over the years, and in 1995 Grand Casino Baden reopened as the biggest casino in Europe.

Casino Games at Grand Casino Baden

Grand Casino Baden offers a host of table games, including a dozen Roulette tables, 8 Blackjack tables and a Joker Wheel. There is also Caribbean Stud Poker, 4 Texas Hold’em tables and various other forms of poker on offer.

The 188 slot machines in Grand Casino Baden all offer the MEGA-Austria Jackpot, which boasts payouts starting at €500 000.

The slot machines are spread around Grand Casino Baden, although over 60 of the machines – offering a variety of games – can be found in Jackpot Corner, which has no dress code and is open from 12 noon every day.

At Grand Casino Baden you can also load money onto a SpielCARD for gambling at  the slot machines.

Attractions in the town of Baden

Baden is located in Austria’s wine country and Grand Casino Baden is certainly not the only drawcard for tourists travelling to the region.

Baden is often to referred to as Baden bei Wien (Baden near Vienna) to set it apart from other towns of the same name, including Baden-Baden in Germany.

Like its German namesake, Baden boasts a number of natural springs that are used as warm baths and Baden enjoys worldwide fame as a spa destination.

Whether it is relaxation or the excitement of exclusive gaming that entices you to stay at Grand Casino Baden, you will find that it offers something for everyone and you will not leave disappointed!