International Casinos

MACAU, CHINA: Chips for gambling displayed at the 4th International Gaming and Entertainment Expo in Macau, 28 April 2005. Macau has recently seen a huge influx of casinos that have awakened with a jolt the once ailing economy.International casinos are now more often than not packaged as hotel and casino resorts, inviting holidaymakers to make their gaming experience an integral part of their overall holiday activities.

One place where this is not the case, however, is the United Kingdom, where casinos remain unattached to hotel accommodation.

Macau Casinos

While the American city of Las Vegas has for decades been the gambling capital of the world, the tiny Macau Peninsula in China – with a staggering 28 casinos already built on its Cotai Strip – has now overtaken the jewel of Nevada in terms of gambling revenue.

Indeed, the whole of Asia could be looking to make a concerted push to make hotel and casino resorts a focal point for tourism in the future, while Europe is still home to some of the oldest, most beautiful casinos in the world.

Caribbean Casinos

The Caribbean is also fast becoming a popular gambling destination, thanks to a combination of white beaches, crystal blue waters and extravagant resort complexes, with casinos now dotted around most of the islands in this region.

South African Casinos

South Africa, which passed its gaming legislation in 1996, has developed a thriving casino industry located in 32 venues throughout the country; led by Sun City, South African casinos generated over R7.3 billion ($1.1 billion) in gaming revenues in 2004 alone and the industry continues to go from strength to strength.

Casino Cruises

Another type of casino enjoying increasing popularity is the casino cruise, be it on an ocean or lake, or down a river or canal.

Online Casinos

Online casinos, meanwhile, are one of the major phenomena of the 21st Century, taking gambling to an increasingly large and diverse audience.

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