Slot Machines

Slot machines are a very popular form of gambling, both in casinos and, in many parts of the world, non-gambling establishments. In Russia, there are even slot machines in local grocery stores!

This said, they are mostly found in casinos and account for over half the income brought in at most casinos.

Traditionally, slot machines have consisted of three or more spinning reels, that are activated by pulling a leer and then stop randomly.

Payouts from slot machines are made according to a list of combinations that can be made from the symbols on the spinning reels, meaning that playing the slot machines involves a great deal of chance… but hey, otherwise it wouldn’t be called gambling!

Advances in computer technology have led to a branching out in the range of slot machines and other electronic gaming machines available.

There are now also multi-line slot machines, which offer players the chance to cash in on more than one payline at a time. Some multi-line slot machines offer as many as 100 paylines on each spin!

Marvel Slots

Video slots let players enjoy their slot machine spins in themed surroundings, ranging from slots based on Marvel Comics characters like The Hulk, Spiderman and the X-Men, to movie-themed slots like Indiana Jones and The Addams Family, to popular gameshow themes like Wheel of Fortune.

These video slot machines often randomly award bonus games where players can win free spins, bonuses and jackpots.

Each slot machine will have its own specific paytable, which shows what players win for certain combinations of symbols for the particular game they are playing.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

Progressive jackpot slot machines are linked together and each time anyone plays a spin on any of the machines, the overall jackpot will rise. Machines can even be linked between computers, while the rise of online casinos has brought about some great progressive jackpot slot machines that grow rapidly as people play online.

Video Poker

Nowadays, one of the most popular types of video gaming machine are video poker machines, where players can play multiple hands at the same time to win payouts corresponding to certain poker hand combinations.