Trilenium Casino

Trilenium Casino is claimed to be the largest entertainment and casino centre in Latin America, and is based at the internationally recognised Tigre Resort in Argentina.


Nestled snugly in the city of Tigre in the Parana River delta, Trilenium Casino is easily accessible from Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires.

The casino’s address is 1385 Perú Street in Tigre, very close to the Tigre ren de la Costa Station and the Tigre Train Station.

Unlike many hotel and casino resorts around the world, Trilenium Casino does not have any accommodation connected to the casino. This is not too much of a drawback, though, as there is a hotel nearby.

Villa Julia

Villa Julia is located in the city of Tigre by the Luján River, just half an hour from Buenos Aires. The hotel is actually a house dating back to 1913, which has been painstakingly renovated to preserve its original Belle Epoque design and structure.

Villa Julia features its own restaurant, called Acacia, which boasts a beautiful terrace were guests can enjoy the refreshing breeze off the river.

Trilenium Casino

Trilenium Casino accommodates an impressive 1 846 slot machines and 77 gaming tables in over 20 000 m² of gaming space spread throughout three floors of the building. This includes a plush VIP Hall.

From Monday to Wednesday, the casino is open from 11am to 6am, while for the remainder of the week it runs around the clock.

Trilenium Casino offers its guests the choice between two restaurants and two bars on all three levels, while there are also regular live shows and a fantastic nightlife. On weekends, there are live shows featuring music genres such as jazz, blues and tango.

All of these factors have combined to create a reputation for superb entertainment at Trilenium Casino.