Casinos in Russia

Casinos in Russia welcome a lot of local visitors all year round, although the country is not internationally known as a leading gambling holiday destination.

There is very little regulation of the casino and gaming industry in Russia and there are certainly links between organised crime syndicates and certain casinos in Russia. For this reason many of the major international casino operators are wary of damaging their reputation by setting up hotel and casino resorts or even standalone casinos in Russia.

Because of the complete lack of industry regulation, slot machines can be found virtually anywhere in Russian cities – even in local stores!

Moscow alone has 54 casinos, housing a total of almost 3 500 electronic gaming machines and 1 250 game tables. One of the premier casinos in Russia, the Metelitsa Casino, is at the heart of Moscow’s colourful nightlife.

There are another 29 cities and towns throughout Russia that offer legal casino gambling and St. Petersburg is home to 28 casinos with almost 600 electronic slots and gaming machines and over 360 game tables.

While Russia currently lags far behind the leading international gambling holiday destinations when it comes to offering world-class hotel and casino resorts, there is the potential for a profitable gaming industry.

Russia is the second most populous country in the world and has an entrenched gambling culture – now the Russian government must find a way to integrate the casino industry seamlessly into the wider market if it wants to enjoy the benefits of a thriving casino and gaming industry.

The fate of casinos in Russia may be linked to the future of the casino industry in Europe as a whole and may be in danger from online casinos.