Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco stands out even amongst its fellow luxury casinos across the world – for sheer opulence and an atmosphere that exudes class and wealth, it is hard to match.

Symbolic of "old’ money, Casino de Monte Carlo was designed in the Baroque style in 1878 by Charles Garnier, the architect of the Paris Opera House. Over the years this impressive casino has even seen a string of nobility and royalty pass through its doors, including Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia and the Prince of Wales, who would become King Edward VII.

Casino de Monte Carlo has 5 gaming rooms, with 316 slots and 35 tables, while it also houses a theatre, opera and ballet house, restaurant and garden.

Monte Carlo is one of Europe’s foremost tourist resorts and Casino de Monte Carlo is possibly the biggest tourist attraction in the whole Monaco Principality.

Casino de Monte Carlo hosts the annual European Poker Tour Grand Final, the most prestigious poker tournament in Europe.

Monte Carlo Casino Top Features

  • Atrium – the expansive entrance hall links the casino and the Salle Garnier. The grand hall is paved in marble and surrounded by 28 Ionic columns.
  • Salle Garnier – the opulent red and gold concert hall, named after the architect of the Casino de Monte Carlo, is adorned with beautiful frescoes and bas-reliefs.
  • Salon Rose – the ceiling of the casino’s smoking room depicts voluptuous cigar-smoking female nudes. According to legend their gaze follows you around the room.
  • Renaissance Hall – the spacious main gaming room’s belle ?poque splendour evokes the high style of the Italian Renaissance.
  • Salles Privées – The casino’s private rooms for high rollers: Salle M?decin, Salle de l’Empire and Salle Touzet are furnished in gilded mahogany. Jacket and tie is compulsory.
  • Salle des Palmiers – in summer gaming takes place in this modern building, which boasts spectacular sea views from its bars and terraces.
  • Jardins de Casino – the gorgeous flower gardens opposite Casino de Monte Carlo, with their pristine lawns and lily ponds, slope upwards to Monaco’s most exclusive shopping area.

Did You Know?

  • The Circuit de Monaco – the route of the Monaco Grand Prix – runs past Casino de Monte Carlo.
  • The casino was the model for the Royal-Les-Eaux, a fictional resort which is the setting for Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Casino Royale (1953).
  • Citizens of Monaco are not even allowed to enter the casino. Upon entry it is compulsory to show your passport, and even the royal family of Monaco uses a side entrance to attend ballet and operas in the Casino de Monte Carlo’s Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo.